Quality Standards for Expanded Learning in Public and Affordable Housing


PCY has been a pioneer in expanded learning for the past 15 years, including a focus on creating educational opportunities in public and affordable housing over the last six years, through our HousED initiative. In 2015, we brought together a diverse group of housing agencies and educators to meet an ambitious goal: establish standards for quality expanded learning programs that speak to the unique needs and challenges of providing services to youth in public and affordable housing communities.


The resulting standards are a groundbreaking step forward, offering guidance and best practices for expanded learning in housing communities. We understand that each program is unique, and these standards serve as a guide that each program will adapt to meet their specific needs.


We look forward to hearing how you use these standards in your work. Please let us know.









PCY is excited to partner with several organizations who have endorsed the quality standards, and will continue to share them at a national level.



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