Click here to download our guide for parents on how to advocate for resources to be invested in high-quality summer learning programs, under new state regulations.


This is a sample of a Local Control Accountability Plan, (LCAP) which California’s new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) requires each district to complete.  This document illustrates how a district’s LCAP could be used to invest in the type of quality summer learning program that research has proven necessary for the success of a district’s most vulnerable students – as prioritized by the LCFF itself. Download the sample LCAP template here and see the documents below to find out why a an engaging high-quality summer learning program is needed for students to succeed.

LCFFSummerGuideCoverHigh quality summer learning programs aren’t just nice to have; for many students, they’re the difference between the potential for success and falling far behind their peers. Summer learning programs lead to greater student achievement, increased engagement, an improved school climate, and help build the skills needed to excel at all of the Common Core State Standards.

School administrators, boards, and communities across California are waking up to the power and potential of summer learning programs. They are part of a national movement that recognizes the well-documented and devastating impact of the lack of learning and growth opportunities during the summer, particularly for students who are low-income and English language learners.

In short, do you want to give your district’s most vulnerable students the best chance to succeed?


This guide shows how significant changes in California school financing and accountability systems under the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) are right now providing educators, school leaders and communities a new opportunity to reinvent and reinvest in summer learning programs – and more incentive to do so than ever, in order to help those kids who need it most.

Download our LCFF guide here.

Please share this information with others you know who care about giving kids a shot at overcoming the achievement gap. The more people know about all the opportunities summer provides, the better any given child’s chance will be to take advantage of them.

For Advocates and Community Leaders:

LCAPAdvocacyGuideCoverWhile it is well-known that quality summer learning programs are a surefire way to level the playing field between vulnerable students and their peers, some districts might not be aware of just how powerful these programs can be, or the new opportunities to reinvent the idea of summer learning that have been created by the implementation of LCFF.

This guide will walk you through the process of bringing the information presented above to the attention of decision-makers at the district level. 

Download our Community Advocacy Guide here


Use the information within this document and share it with others in your community to make the strongest case for summer.