We provide schools and their community partners with assistance in financing, improving and sustaining after school and summer programs.



Affordable housing exists to enable families to find pathways out of poverty.

The most reliable pathway
out of poverty is education.


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Children who live in affordable housing communities face unique challenges to participation in traditional school or community-based afterschool and summer programs.

Experts agree that high-quality afterschool and summer learning programs are essential to closing the achievement gap between kids from low-income families and their peers.

This is why we’re working to build and strengthen programs taking place right at home.

Traditionally, the overwhelming majority of staff running youth programs in housing developments have had access to little or no training in how to run effective programming, and have not been connected to other organizations and support resources.

We are using our platform to speak to funders, housing agencies, government leaders, lawmakers, educators, and fellow advocates about the incredible opportunities that we can all help bring to children by creating and strengthening these programs.

PCY implements training and support services that have been specifically designed for staff running these programs.


By the numbers:



SingleClockPCY runs FIVE yearly workshops for those working with youth in housing communities, and PCY has spent more than 450 hours training staff.


people and houses

PCY has trained 85 staff members from ELEVEN Bay Area housing agencies.



As a result of attending PCY’s workshops, 100% of attendees say their skills were improved…


…and 95% say their programs will improve.



Bay AreaStaff members trained by PCY currently serve 2,500 kids in the Bay Area, and members of our network serve more than 10,000 children and youth.

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We serve as a bridge between on-the-ground needs and the work of policy makers at the local, state and federal levels, advocating for policies that enable schools and their community partners to improve services provided to students and their families.

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