Recommendations based on an extensive literature review, interviews with state and national experts, and school district site visits.

The available research and the experiences of communities throughout California suggest a set of strategic elements that school districts can use to leverage expanded learning time programs and resources in support of student learning.

These strategies are like gears in a clock.

You can arrange them in different ways to fit within an existing structure, but they must all be aligned in order for an expanded learning partnership to run like clockwork.


We hosted a webinar discussing our findings with guest speakers from three of the eight districts highlighted in the report. You can watch video of the webinar here:

The full report and executive summary are available below.

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Download just the executive summary here.

Download the full report here.

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Why Expanded Learning?

We believe expanded learning time provides a unique variety of academically enriching, engaging, and hands-on learning opportunities that complement and build on children’s needs and interests – and that these services should be delivered jointly by non-profits and schools during the times after-school, before school, and in the summer.

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